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[Help] - Crock Pot Food Tweaks

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Hello guys,

I really need your help!


So I've been working for a week or so on this mod (along with Blueberrys), that allows you to configure each and every food item made by Crock Pot. But it has one major problem that we can't figure out how to fix.


It seems that thanks to this mod having over 100 configuration options, it causes the game to crash every time a new world is being created. Not when the game save is being loaded, only upon the new world creation.

It says that the mod crashes by running out of memory but not even "Memory Spike Fix" mod resolves this problem.


So as my last hope, I've decided to give this mod to anyone who's willing to help, to let him check the code and find a solution to fix this problem:



If you could help me make this mod work, I would be so, so happy, since I've already put so much effort into it (trying to make it look and work perfect) and I believe that this mod could be helpful to anyone.

Also, as the gesture of appreciation I would definitely mention your name in the mod description too.

Thank you very much in advance and I'm hoping to see some solutions.






My very last idea I have on my mind is somehow pausing the mod, while the world is being created (since it won't crash after), but I have no idea if there's even a possibility to create such code.

Well, let me know if you know how...

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Can you screenshot the crash message and post the relevant portion of the log.txt (NOT THE WHOLE THING).  It might be worth helping trouble shoot if there is a reasonable starting point to go from.  


Screenshots should be uploaded to imgur.com.   Log snippet can just be posted here.  

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