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[wip char] Weldon, the Demolition(help needed)

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Hi, I'm currently working on a custom character mod called, Weldon, the demolition(hence the title).
He will be a more specialized character, relying on his explosives, rather than his physical prowess.


I plan on him having his own unique crafting tab(the Kablooey tab), and lowering his stats, and base damage.


75 health

120 hunger

120 sanity


0.75 damage multiplier


I've done a quick little concept art for my character, for those of you interested(not bigportrait).



I'm still working on the character art, and I'm running into a bit of an issue.


the regular not cut off back head, reappears whenever I stand still. That normally isn't a problem, but as you can see, it doesn't look very good with the top hat. Is this suppose to be happening, or is something going wrong? I'd appreciate any help. 

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