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Need scripter for font mod

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Hello all,


     I am not very good at scripting and I don't have the time to figure it out from scratch so I am turning to you big brains. This will probably be easier than I think it is. I am trying to create a font mod that overlays PS3 prompts in game instead of the 360 controller prompts. I use my m/kb but the wife and friends like to use the controllers. I have already modified my own local font files and it works perfectly, but i would like to create a mod for my friends "ease of use" and for all the others out there who prefer the DS3 instead of the 360 controller.


     I will submit my mod folder as is right now but my game keeps crashing before I can test anything. I know it crashes because I can't script. :-) I put more info in the modmain.lua file.bigcountry.zip

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I wanted to get on here and give a brief update.


I got the mod to show up in the mod page in-game without it crashing. It turns out that it was just the .tex wasn't a power of 2. I'm teaching myself as I go but I still would like someone to help with this first, rough version of my mod. Thanks again!

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