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Doctor who? character! [need help]

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Hello, i was thinking that i should make i doctor who character model. I can create the art for him, and you would not be disappointed. Although i could really need help on the coding. i gave it a try but i could never get the things to work properly. So that's where you guys come in ;). I was thinking it would be really cool if the doctor was able to regenerate after he is resurrected. for example He'd be the first doctor and after he finds away back, or his lovely assistant helps, like they always do, he would move on to the next and possibly depending on how that doctor acts, would differ on his stats. And maybe his sonic screwdriver could do something (sadly no idea). This is just an idea i came up with i would really love the help and once helped ill give it to the public on steam. So thanks for reading and i would love the help. :) 

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