[Gameplay] - Returned Backpack leads to Resource Gathering Bug


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Returned Backpack leads to Resource Gathering Bug

Issue Description: Was playing a game with around 5-6 players, and my character Wolfgang dies. A friend picks up and returns my Backpack to me near the spawning point.

I had some Logs and Flint in there.

When I started gathering Logs or Flint, there would be no sound, the item would disappear, and nothing would be added to my inventory.

I wonder if there was an item ownership glitch? Because they didn't go to my inventory.

After I pick up the Logs and Flint and place them in my regular inventory, I am able to gather said resources again, with the sound and the usual accumulation in the inventory.

Steps to Reproduce:

-Play Endless Mode.

-Put on a Backpack.

-Place Logs or Flint in the Backpack.

-Get killed.

-Have friend pick up your backpack and return it to you.

(there may be a correlation with ghost state when backpack is picked up by someone else?)

-Re-spawn at portal.

-Gather those resources that are in Backpack.

Hope this helps!

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