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Suggestion: World Restart Improvement

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I have an idea about the world restarts because I feel that a world resets way to often when a lot of people put time into the world. Anyone could just join an empty server kill themselves and restart the world that people have been playing on for past days.


My suggestion would be that whenever someone joins a server they would be put on some sort of list and this list keeps track of everyone who is dead or alive on the world. When everyone on the list is dead then the world restarts so if two people join on a new server and the other leaves but one dies the world wouldn't restart because the other person who left didn't die. The list should have a clear time of sorts that the host should be able to change so that people who have not been on the server for more than a week or 3 days would get cleared off the list.


I don't know how this would actually work or if it would work at all but it sounds like it could be good way to improve world restarts so that everyone could have a decent time on worlds. Let me know if you think this is a good idea



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