[Server Crash] - [Dedicated Server] Crash instance when client tries to join.


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: [Dedicated Server] Crash instance when client tries to join.

Issue Description: Hosting dedicated server with an i7 laptop, 4 Gb ram, and 500 gb HD, on Windows 7 x64.

Hosted initial session today, lasted about 6 hours and at peak, had about 8 players. Ended up shutting it down when everyone died.

Loaded dedicated server through PowerShell in Windows 7 (seems slightly more efficient than CMD). CPU load peaked around 20-22% when there were around 8 players.

Started up 2nd dedicated server in the same PowerShell. Didn't close it b4 starting new session, so there might be some memory leak?

I initially join as a client then disconnect. An hour later, someone else joins, but the DS_nullrenderer.exe crashes and I am back to the PowerShell prompt, waiting for input.

Steps to Reproduce: I copied the last segment of the LOG info that may pertain to the crash:

> > >

ID_CONNECTION_LOST 68.190.xxx.xxx:1578

New incoming connection 67.188.xxx.xxx:60341

ValidateGameSessionToken token: n91PvTn-----/MGnkIQxmz---------- for: 46837485960299xxxx

ID_CONNECTION_LOST 67.188.xxx.xxx:60341

Missing Network Client Object, Kicking user



< < <

I dunno if this means my TOKEN expired, or the clients TOKEN is invalid.

Hope this helps with your QA! Thank you.

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