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Hi devs and beta gamers :)

I`d like to give a brief overview of my thoughts on the game and take the opportunity to explain, where I think, this game can be improved.

First of all, I`m a 30 year old male from Austria (so my English is very poor) and I play games to relax and "flee" from reality. I wanna join the character I play and I try to feel the atmosphere of the pictures a game presents.

The game presents a quite depressing feel and this drives me to improve my starting point. I want to feel save and in control of the situation again, so I harvest, build and create me a save haven around my chosen location on the map.

From there, I go exploring the map and create outposts at special locations like: a herd of beefalos or a lot of rocks in an area etc.

During my play, I realise, that my buildings, that I can build (tent, pig house, farms etc.) don`t give me back the feeling of beeing in control. All buildings together, arranged quite pleasing to the eye (in the middle the campfire, around the farms, houses, chests) don`t give me the feeling of "home" in this depressing map. At some point of the game, I get frustrated, because I see and feel no improval, so I quit.


I really, really wanna encourage an emotional ride, presented in steps:

[*] First the start: of course depressing and melancholic - this is the nr. 1 reason, somebody wants to build

[*]Second: Gaining the first upgrade by creating a campfire with tent and farms and basic stuff, which presents some savety

Third: Improving further by building kind of walls or a house or automated defense or improved existing stuff (tent = hutt, campfire= fireplace = impr. fireplace, etc. Make a difference visual to feel the improvement.

Fourth: Give me a companion - a human, who does nice things to me (harvesting farms, taking care of the fire, talks etc.) so that I want to care for him/her. This drives me again: Protecting all my companions. Pigs are cool, but don`t drive me emotionally, real life, I eat them :)

Fifth: Implement weather and seasons - a perfect emotional journey through the seasons - there is a threat especially for weather and it is great!! harvest for wintertime etc... great!

Sixth: I, as a charakter wanna improve too. better armor, looks in general, weapons....

This game is great and I really, really like it. It is addicting and the artwork is great (but I can`t help, I always have to think of Tim Burton)

I just think, that it lacks emotional differences, by feeling dense sometimes, than appealing, than harsh etc.

Ha, and that`s it, my two cents..

:) Yours Flo

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