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Moving from client - dedicated server, along with map info, inventory etc.

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Hello everyone,

Managed to get up a basic DST Dedicated Server using the wiki info, but I have the following issue with it:


When I connect to the dedicated server, I get prompted with choosing a new character, therefore my inventory, explored map etc. (from the client server), are lost.


Is there any way to move even that information to a dedicated server? So I don't have to explore a world again (in which I've played over 80 days with my gf).


So far I've done the following:


Used conf_dir to use another dedicated server directory in /documents/klei/...

Used port 10998



Any help would be appriciated, thanks.

(If I've poorly explained what I mean, I'll try and be more precise)

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For the inventory, you will have to copy the session from DoNotStarveTogether into your server's folder.

And also the server save from the server folder.


For the minimap, you will have to copy it from your client folder in DoNotStarveTogether.

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Oh, I see.

So is there a way to compare the two folder/subfolders (the original save files from DoNotStarveTogether & the newly created DoNotStarveServerDirectory) to figure out which session belongs to the client server and move it to the dedicated one?


Just to be clear, which subfolders are you referring to? The ones from "server" folder, or "sessions" folder?



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Well, I copy both. Maybe copying only the sessions are enough.

I'm not sure if having a different session with a newly generated server_save will corrupt data.

If you right click a KU_jass9y237y3something and open it with notepad, you will see the data it contains.

You can also see, KU_sahdhas73432_minimap, which contains your minimap progress on the server.


To know what contents from a session and/or server folder you want to copy, host the world normally, and then check the log or open the console and it will say somewhere "saving to server/07A0000CEE12E8A0/server_save" or whatever ID it says. Then you know which subfolder from sessions and server in DoNotStarveTogether has the things you will plaster on the only subfolders generated by DoNotStarveServerDirectory.

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