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DST dedicated server on AWS EC2 instance

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Hey I set up a dedicated server through Amazons web services using Ubuntu server and steamcmd. I set it up, got it running and it shows up on the list under "ChromaStorms World". However, the server will not show up on any of my computers on my home network. I set up a server on AWS just to avoid this bug I have been reading about.


Any advice on how I can get it to show up? and can anyone else see this server in their game browser?

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Same as you, I see your server in the online server list, but in the DST in-game server list.


What happens if you try a manual connection to your server's IP address?


Press tilde at the server list screen, then enter:


c_connect("serveripaddress", port, "password")


I'm not familiar with how Amazon Web Services works.  Do you have control over what ports are opened and available for your services?

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