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A help please

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xtrmsnpr    0

Hello there community

we are tring to set up a dedicated server..tho the wiki is not such analitic and i got stuck on the configuration part,because things are not so clear.

We got a machine for it,also an extra steam account with the game registed in it,so we will set it up there.

Can anybody send me his config.ini so i can a look how to do it?

I would appreciated that.


Thank you in advanced :)


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rezecib    3,144

@xtrmsnpr, My settings.ini:

[STEAM]DISABLECLOUD = true[MISC]ENABLECONSOLE = falsenetbook_mode = falsevibration = false#uncomment to turn on modsMODS_ENABLED = trueCONSOLE_ENABLED = trueautosubscribemods = falseshowpassword = false[graphics]fullscreen_width = 1920fullscreen_height = 1080display_id = 0refresh_rate = 60fullscreen = trueuse_small_textures = falsescreenshake = truebloom = truedistortion = trueHUDSize = 5window_x = 62window_y = 23windowed_width = 1858windowed_height = 1053[audio]volume_ambient = 5volume_sfx = 5volume_music = 0[network]default_server_name = Rezecib's PvP Wildernessdefault_server_description = Be careful, smoking fires will give your position away!server_port = 10998server_password = game_mode = wildernesspvp = truemax_players = 10enable_snapshots = truepause_when_empty = false#this is the normal autosaves that occur at the beginning of each dayenable_autosaver = true#can be 10|15|30|60tick_rate = 10#time in milliseconds to drop unresponsive clientconnection_timeout = 10000[account]token = <my token here, removed>server_token = <my server token here, removed>dedicated_lan_server = false

You don't need a separate Steam account for it, though-- the dedicated server can be run without an account at all.

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