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Try opening the .scml file in en editor like notepad++. If you have done that, then I don't know, you have the same problem I do at that point. Only thing I can think of to completely fix everything if you have played with the .scml and haven't gotten the result you want, is to build a new spriter file based on esctemplate from scratch.

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Actually I happen to be trying to do the same thing as well.Trying to change the position of a ponytail to be precise.I'm pretty new to modding,so here's one question:


The scml in exported also doesn't have all animations in it, such as sleeping,cutting,or emotes. So even if I modified the ponytail in exported's scml, wouldn't it reset back to its location when playing another animation? Could it be that it's the anims folder that needs editing for such changes to take place?



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