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Can you guys make a Superhero mod?


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Hi, I'm new here and I've been itching to ask something like this for a long time. Can you guys make a Batman and Superman mod? (I'm a huge fan, xD). Here's what I had in mind. For Superman, He'd have like, Super speed and strength during day time (since he is powered by the sun) with increasing sanity (regaining) and like, at night, he loses his powers (absence of the sun) and his sanity drops at -40/min? And for Batman, at night he has night vision (like Woodie's werebeaver curse) and doesn't lose sanity and when he is in a cave he gains speed and increased sanity? in day time he is just normal like all other characters and has to be precisivley equpped for battle (like spear, football helmet and log suit for example). Oh! one more thing. I hate summer in Don't starve coz that's like, the end of my game, thats when I stop playing because I always get killed by the sun, so for Superman during Summer, can he get double the speed and strength and health doubled also? that would be great! (I was once swarmed with frogs after a rain and I couldn't get back to my camp and the next day was summer, I was in HECK!!! XD). That's all I have to say. What do you guys think?

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