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(might be tldr: to explain a question)I would appreciate a little help.


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Okay allow me to begin by saying i have been atempting to find out just how to even do this. Only begun two weeks ago with no prior knoledge. This problem is not scripting since i do understand how to read script(somewhat). It is not converting an tex file to png and back again. Because i have done that with a few issues of my character always having a piece of him choped up. This anooyed me intensely so i decided to find out how to just make a new one where he does not end up choped or if i have to use a pre existing tex file. I have looked to see if there were any tutorials about this to no avail. So that is where i am, been atempting to figure this out for a good 11 hours and decided to ask if anyone can either help me or point me to a tutorial on how to do this. Or just if i have been weridly blind and missed something somewhere either way any help please and thankyou.

(alota text woops)

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