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Playing on my Server

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I have set up a server on my VPS but just by installing Steam rather than running SteamCMD.


This is running fine, I can see connection etc.


However, I thought I would have a go at playing and when I load Steam on my local machine it told me if I try to play it would disconnect the server.


Should I install using SteamCMD instead?

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Hey there :)


According to http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/49832-dedicated-server-client-now-available/, you do not need to be logged into steam to run a server, just get the dedicated server client from steamCMD or through steam tools, and that's gonna be just fine :)


Saying that, just follow instructions to run server without being connected to steam (guess you'll just be authentified entering your server token ;)


Hope you'll enjoy :D

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