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Hey guys,

Currently hosting a 64 slot server open to the public. PvP is disabled and the world is all default.

Mods used:

-- More DST Characters

-- Display Food Values

-- Craftable Gears

-- Baby Koalefants

-- Fish Farm

-- Infinite Tent Uses

-- Faroz Character

-- Devon Character

-- Advanced Farming

-- Global Player Icons

-- Extra Equip Slots

-- Health Info

-- Always on Status

I will probably throw up a few more server per requests. 

Just look for 2pr0 in the server list.


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FYI, at some point someone spawned a load of tentacles at the portal.  As a result of this and the ENORMOUS pile of skeletons now surrounding it, it is virtually impossible for anyone to spawn in or resurrect at the portal, and activity on the server appears very low.




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