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obelisk ?!?!


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so i had this idea for a automatic door . its basically a obelisk with onnear/onfar determining if it opens and closes referencing the player so mobs cant get in . i know there is a mod called gate walls but i wanted to use the obelisk for its build/bank  and redraw the resources .


any way i found something i have found before . it lacks a real prefab . there is a script to produce one for fx stuff and the more i look the odder it gets . in maps i found references to it and i found the build for sanityrock is wrong in the fx file . its listed as blocker_sanity_fx but all thats in there is some mrskits stuff and it gets weirder .


when i decided to test the wikis info about the file name and path with a prefab (found in console command listings) it wont replace the obelisk with ash even though i renamed a copy of the ash prefab . works for everything else . rooks in my modded version are modded killer bee hives that spawn robot bees and it works in caves and outside automatically (i did have to adjust stuff for nightmare version)


the developers seemed to have gone out of their way to prevent any one from changing the obelisk but you could just make 1 weapon with a spell to raise sanity (cast at any pos on the ground) and a on equip drain sanity to bypass obelisk so its futile 


if i cant find the obelisk i can use the real build blocker_sanity not blocker_sanity_fx but only have the raise and lower animation names but not the idle ...
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