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Help with drawing character template


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Hello, im make a sample character but not drawing template. I'm looking for an easy method of drawing template. If you assign a template for Wilson's mode I would be most grateful. Thank you.


NOTE: Im use translator.


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Hey sensei. Don't Starve characters are pretty simplistic, with minimal color design. The entire curvature of the body, which is called the "line of action", is fairly prominent in every pose. Use bold strokes for the outline, and practice a few times without erasing anything. It will take a little time get the style down. Next, draw for gender. Women generally have large white eyes, while men have smaller black eyes.


This is a sample reference sheet I found to help with line of action and pose:


post-267501-0-18631900-1402803783.pngNotice the facial expressions! Those are also very important!


Good luck!



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