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Need Help! About Fonts!


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I have played “Don’t Starve” for quite a while, and I really enjoy it. So I want to make a MOD of Chinese language pack. But I’m a beginner of making MOD. I’ve skimmed many language packs in Steam Workshop, so I study these as samples. However, I’ve met some difficulties, and I sincerely ask for a favour.

First, it’s about self-made font. I used BMFont to make a Chinese font, and its png form is transformed to tex by using textool. But there is some errors after zipped up, cuz the game crushed when I used my zip. So anyone could tell me HOW TO MAKE FONT?

Then, it seems fine to use other characters except ASCII after I referenced the Korean language pack. I’d like to know if it is right that I transform Chinese character to ANSI code by using pcall function.

Thx a lot!

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