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[Character Mod Request] Warrick and his pet, Wulffrith

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Hello. I have an idea to make a character which starts with a pet hound. The character you play as is called Warrick and his pet is Wulffrith.


Starting with Warrick's stats:


Sanity: 175


Health: 150


Hunger: 175




Warrick's perks:


Perk: Has a pet hound named Wulffrith


Perk: Starts with an indestructible item called a "battle horn", which when equipped and used on an enemy will send Wulffrith to attack the selected target.


Perk: Deals half damage with melee weapons.




Wulffrith's Stats:


Health: 200


Damage: 25


Attack Period: 2


Attack Range: 3




Wulffrith's Perks:


Perk: Has no hunger or sanity. Will only eat meats.


Perk: Twice the run speed of a player.


Perk: Will not attack unless ordered by the battle horn.




Wulffrith has no hunger or sanity. He will only eat meats. Monster meat will work. Food heals for it's normal hunger value.





12.5 : Uncooked; 12.5 : Cooked


Monster Meat

18.75 : Uncooked; 18.75 : Cooked



25 : Uncooked; 25 : Cooked


Frog Legs

12.5 : Uncooked; 12.5 : Cooked



10 : Uncooked; 13 : Cooked



12.5 : Uncooked; 12.5 : Cooked



12.5 : Uncooked; 12.5 : Cooked


Leafy Meat

12.5 : Uncooked; 18.75 : Cooked


Koalefant Trunk

37.5 : Uncooked; 75 : Cooked





Monster Jerky



Small Jerky



Deerclops Eyeball



The only exception is the Guardian horn, because it is basically a bone. This will heal him to full health.


Guardian Horn





Wulffrith's health will appear under the player's sanity meter next to Wulffrith's icon.


When Wulffrith dies, he will turn into a ghost, and just like other characters in don't starve together, when he dies, he will start lowering sanity of everyone else playing.


In order to revive him, you need to get him a telltale heart, use the battle horn on a touch stone, or give him a guardian horn.


IF this is too difficult (or impossible) to execute through modding, another way this could be done is when he dies you receive "Wulffrith's soul". Combine it with a telltale heart and it will create "Wulffrith's whistle". Use it to call Wulffrith back from the dead.




Wulffrith CANNOT stay put. He will always follow you. Keep this in mind.


Wulffrith also cannot freeze.




Play style and tips:


Since Warrick is not very physically strong, he relies mostly on Wulffrith's attack strength and projectiles. An approach that would be recommended to use is to send Wulffrith to attack and once he gains agro, shoot the enemy with projectiles.


If anyone has any ideas or wishes to add to this or feels there needs to be some balancing, please comment.


Thanks for reading and any feedback!

Also, a big thanks to the Don't Starve Wikia for hunger values!


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