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[Need help] Can't set functions to my character.


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Hello everyone. At the beginning - sorry for my English..

So.. I was trying to make my character by my own, but game just crashed. I gave up. It will be my first mod and I don't know how to do it. I thing I have all what I need, but just Wilson's stats. I need a lot of things for my character and I hope You will help me with this..

I need:


-2x more hunger than Wilson (but getting hungry 10% faster)

-2x more health than Wilson

-1,25x faster than Wilson

-don't loose sanity at the evening.

-health regeneration 2 points per sec.

-2x stronger than Wilson

-Can eat raw meat and don't loose sanity

-Loose sanity when eat no-meat food (-2)

-Loose sanity when kills anything (-2)

-Loose sanity when kills pig (-10)

-Pigs should be agressive.

-3x stronger than Wilson when sanity is than 80.

-1,5x faster than Wilson when sanity is than 80.


Yes, I know I shouldn't ask for so many things, but I really can't do it. I hope it's possible to make it.

One more time: sorry for my English, it isn't my national language.

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@vwm, read through this guide. You can find all sorts of useful information on the things you mentioned. Almost all of them can be modified with simple functions in the corresponding components.


For example, you can set the max health with:


Which would be accessed through "inst.components.health" in your create function ("fn" function in your prefab file).


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