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Don't Starve Together Playable without Don't Starve copy?

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So I have Don't starve and I wan't to play Don't starve together with a friend but he doesn't have a copy of Don't starve. So if I buy the frontier pack. It give's me dont starve together and a copy to send to a friend.

If I send this copy to a friend that doesn't have dont starve its self. Will we be able to play ? Or does don't starve together not work without don't starve its self?


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There are three products currently excluding the soundrack:


Don't Starve
Reign of Giants
Dont Starve Together


Don't Starve is a standalone game and not dependent on anything.

Reignt of Giants is downloadable content (dlc) and dependant on owning Don't Starve base game. You can't use it without owning the Don't Starve base game.


Don't Starve Together is a standalone game completely seperate from the other two currently, so enjoying its content and multiplayer experience is not dependant on owning anything else.


There is a bundle you can buy that includes all three, but if you only ever want to play multiplayer you can just exclusively buy Don't Starve Together and skip buying Don't Starve and Reign of Giants.



It was announced though that the developers will soon focus on getting Reign of Giants content into Don't Starve Together (DST). It seems you will not need to own the Reign of Giants dlc to access the Reign of Giants content within DST - at least initially.


Does anyone know for sure whether Reign of Giants dlc content will be included in DST for free and forever, or whether later on you will actually need to own the Reign of Giants dlc to use most of the Reign of Giants content within DST?

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