[General] - Player descriptions are backwards

Dragon Wolf Leo

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Player descriptions are backwards

Issue Description: When inspecting another player, the quote comes from the speech file of the inspected rather than the speech file of the inspector. It's only noticeable for characters that have modded descriptions of players, since the current standard characters all use the generic speech file.

This applies to actual players, not to characters spawned through the console.

The cause for this can be found in player_common.lua, in the local GetDescription function:

local charstrings = STRINGS.CHARACTERS[string.upper(inst.prefab)] or STRINGS.CHARACTERS.GENERIC

This gets the strings of the inspected(inst) rather than the strings of the inspector(viewer).

Steps to Reproduce: - Have two people join a server as two different characters, with the player to be inspected having a custom STRINGS.CHARACTERS[charactername].DESCRIBE.PLAYER.

- Examine the modded player's character.

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