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New Character from Templat Graphical Issue


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Hello everyone.

My friend and I are collaborating on a few mods to put our ESO chars into DST. We're both noobs when it comes to this so please bare with me. I've done pretty much all the art work, and he's been converting my .png to the .tex and the rest of it. However, when we managed to get our first char in game, we noticed a weird graphical artefact with her hair, as seen below.


I believe it may be an issue with the texture coordinates, but I have no idea where those are stored, so we can fix them


My friend believes it might be an issue with the texture itself.  I used Photoshop CS5 and used the little white cat with pigtails template that you see everywhere. It's all layered, and there's no alpha, only standard opacity in the original file.


Has anyone encountered this before and know how to fix it? Please help me :)



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