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Trying to create a character..

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Hello all, I've been playing Don't Starve for some time (at my girlfriend's, too) and I just can't simply stop thinking for a character based off from her as a present for her birthday.


The thing is, I have no idea what I must do. And I'd love to get all the help I can, I have amateur/intermediate knowledge on coding, I know how scripts and all work, but I am really unfamiliar to the whole thing or just where must I start looking.


To be simply put, I am trying to create a custom character with custom lines and custom stats. (Hopefully, I have some idea on where'd they be.) And I simply have no idea what I must, um, do.


I hope there are some people who'd like to help me, I'm not the best drawer out there, but I can quite adapt to the game's theme myself..


Thanks for all of your responses.

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Over the last day I've managed to get my own character going having previously zero coding experience, thanks to this kind person's guide.


Helps to be an Artist too, but there you go. Good luck! And Happy Birthday to her.


My thanks, I'll try to keep up with this one. I'm not an artist myself, I just have drawing experience.. oh well. here goes nothing.

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