Rise of the Machines (Golems)? Mod or DLC

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I'm not a modder nor do I know anything about making a mod but if anyone out there happens to see this and decides this is possible to do and finds it to be a good idea let me know cause I'd love to test it out. If it has already been made also let me know. XD
But anyways, Resource Golems. Craftable Golems that you can program to gather a specific resource.
They either go an infinite distance with a Shared Chest storage that auto deposits resource into it. or a finite distance with a chest they deposit into at a full inventory or at night.
Also maybe even allow for craftable upgrades? Increased Storage, Faster gathering, Increased travel range, Faster movement speed, etc. Maybe give them a battery life and have to craft batteries, add rechargeable batteries? Idk if they could be attacked? that would balance them most likely. Make Golems that defend your base? Give golems a limited upgradablility based on golem types. So like you can balance your resource golems by giving them a self-defense upgrade to defend themselves from basic enemies but would easily get killed by much stronger enemies. but Golem guards can take on stronger enemies with enough Upgrades. Anyways if you find this interesting and want to make a mod like this I don't mind if you get the credit but message me and we can brainstorm other ideas! ^.^


(Anyways I copied the above from the Steam post that I posted. But as a DLC I think the above would be cool but with more Machine related Content? Since I know Gears are apart of the base game and we even have a robotic character Could do a Machine related DLC with more "Machine" related items such as Golems but also enemies as well....idk. but I think it would be cool. But overall the above mod idea is really what I'd like to see the most.)

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