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Character Mod - Thomas

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This is a little something I made for my friend, and pretty much everything is finished except for a liiiittle bit.

The liiiiittle bit includes:

-Fixing the art (It has graphical issues whenever I export it, I cannot seem to figure out why. If someone could help me it'd be awesome)

-Making trees and boulders punchable (He plays Minecraft so, it's his power. I've tried multiple times to make this work, but to no avail.)

-Making him lose sanity during the day, he has sensitive eyes and gets migranes easily (I've had numerous problems. Using the tuning (TUNING.SANITY_NIGHT_DARK) thing globally changes it, and I want it to be only for him)

Here are some of the pics I can provide:

The Big Portrait-



His in game character (notice the chunks missing from his hair (right at the very top), I've been trying to fix this but can't!) I fixed it, hah. Thanks, Fiderp!



If anyone can help, that'd be greatly appreciated!


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