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One Key Giveaway!

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This is your chance! The chance to win a key from the Do not Starve Together !!! To participate in the draw is super easy! SUPER !!!


The BaconDoidoTV will open your channel on Twitch.tv with this great promotion! On January 10, which is participating in the draw and also the Stream, you can lead a KEY FOR FREE! And you can also participate in live!


When the channel to 100 followers. We will start to draw. And every 100 new followers, more keys will come!


TA WAITING FOR WHAT ?! Come ensure your chance!


Just follow these three steps:


Access http://www.twitch.tv/bacondoidotv and start following the canal.


Fill out the form http://goo.gl/forms/DtFopGFCpz to enter the lottery.


Be present on the day of the draw.


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