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Looking for a DST mate

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I´m looking for someone to play DST with.


I´m 23 years old and from Germany.


I´m looking for a mature person preferebly english speaking, since I also want to get used to talking in english. Age and gender doesn´t matter that much, but I prefer people 21+.


We can communicate either via Skype, TS3 (I can provide a server) or Steam voice overlay.


My Internet connection is rather slow, so I probably won´t be able to host the game with a good outcome, didn´t try it yet.


I  ´m also only looking for one person to play with, since I find it rather hard to coordinate multiple persons from different timezones. So if you want to play in a larger group I´m probably the wrong person. ;)


It would be nice if we don´t use the same characters, I will play Wendy because I´m in love with her sister.


Have a nice day!



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