[General] - Cannot log in.


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Cannot log in.

Issue Description: I was recently gifted the Don't Starve Together BETA. I have already made two accounts for the forums but neither have worked for the game itself, as I am forced to make an account via steam. Yet, I've already linked one of the forum accounts to my steam account.

NOTE: None of my accounts were made from the steam overlay, but through Google chrome.

Steps to Reproduce: > Open Don't Starve

> "Join friend's game VIA Steam friends list"

> (Log In and music repeat the same part) Similar to a gif.

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Never mind, I've solved the problem. It was due to my stupidity, I didn't attempt to use an email i had already used on the forums, because I thought it would say "Email is already in use."


My apologies. :)

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