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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Text glyph oputput misplace
Issue Description: There is the bug in the chat queue, if you type one character, which has small height, and located uppercase, such as " ^ ' ` e.t.c.
The character will be moved down by half of the text line height.
It looks like this:

This caused by the text prefab settings, which are set to align the text above the centerline of the string, and detect the heigh of the string by input characters height. So if you type just one letter ', it counts the heigth of the ' mark, and aligns it to the vertical center of the line.

But the main root of the problem is in the font file (however it's much easier to fix the text placement rather this). You should build the font with the "Equalize the cell heights" options On to produce correct symbol heights:

Steps to Reproduce: See above.

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