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Transforming character balancing

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Hello! I am making a character that is based on transforming, and I was wondering if I could get some help with balancing. The idea is that the character has different mental states and each one has its own abilities. There will be a starting item that will have a different effect depending on which mental state is active. Item refers to the magic item.


(Check out the Goio mod. It is very similar.)


Item takes 20 Sanity and switches to a random form.

At 25% Sanity, switches happen every 1-3 minutes (random value in that range) with no sanity loss.

When switching, all stats are taken as percentages into the next form.


Winona: Plants  

  • Item - Ability to advance science one stage up (example, science machine to alchemy, nothing to science machine) and unlock one item without crafting it. This will only allow you to unlock one item (without crafting) from the current or next tier before the character switches. You do not have access to the recipes like Wickerbottom.

  • Item Color - Purple 

  • Visual - flat hair with a purple headband.


Whitney: Klepto 

  • Item - Random items from various sources 

    • Skeletons/Bones - Small items 

    • Graves- Small items 

    • Pigs - Medium items, chance to fail, chance to make the pig mad (only works if they are sleeping or friendly) 

    • Pig houses - Large items, larger chance to fail, chance to make the owner mad (does not work at night) 

  • Item Color - Red 

  • Visual - mohawk 


Winnefred: Knowledge 

  • Item - cause one stage of growth (Similar to Wickerbottom's book) 

  • Item Color - Green 

  • Visual - Slicked hair, glasses 


Westlyn: Friendly 

  • Item - Causes one mob to follow as if a friend for a length of time equal to the smallest modifier (I believe that is 238.75 seconds), or make it un-mad

  • Item Color - Blue 

  • Visual - Messy hair, blue flower 



Winona - Balanced 

Health: 150 

Hunger: 150 

Sanity: 150 


Sciencey things give an extra sanity gain. Like Willows fire mechanic


Whitney - Low sanity 

Health: 175 

Hunger: 175 

Sanity: 125 


Decreased sanity loss from darkness


Winnefred - Low health 

Health: 125 

Hunger: 175 

Sanity: 175 


Eating fresh food gives an extra boost 


Westlyn - Low hunger 

Health: 175 

Hunger: 125 

Sanity: 175 


Trinkets on the ground/in inventory give a sanity boost (up to 3)


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