[Gameplay] - Perma-glow of client souls upon resuming server?


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Perma-glow of client souls upon resuming server?

Issue Description:

When resuming a multi-player session as host, I am assuming those glowing objects are the clients last known locations during the previous game.

Assuming those previous clients do not join during the resumed session, does that mean their souls will linger perpetually and serve as convenient lanterns or light sources for the current batch of players?

Or do they only last one day, and are meant to prevent a cheap 'spawn-in-darkness' death?


[iDEA!] >> This gives me an idea. Ghosts should be able to haunt a night lamp, or a new type of DST-exclusive crafted object, that players can build and thus produce a useful and wide-ranging light source when it is haunted.

Or a ghost can make himself useful, and occupy such an object, and thus provide a far-reaching source of light for as long as he chooses to stay in that object. And when he leaves, for there to be a 10-15 sec delay before that light diminishes.


Keep up the good work!

Steps to Reproduce:

-Start a multiplayer session and have some players join.

-End the session.

-Restart the session, and note the last known locations of the previous clients.

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