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i love this game. not only the game itself but its tim burton-esque gothic style. like a bohemian steampunk novel this. i got a few ideas for change and i honestly dont know why developers made it as the way they are right now.

1- most basic: why cant we choose adventure mode in the starting of the game. also there should be a simpler way of making the game easy and hard, i'd like this game to be more popular for stupid people and not make them go "uh i cant be bothered" some mates did it. cuz stupid

2-user interface: very little info on everything in the game, like choosing conditions in the world modification settings. there is a furry ball thing and setting next to it, what is it? i dunno. i understand why no info WITHIN the game for the crypticness and that, but a little too much of it. at least make like a "wisdom machine - 6 plank, 2 bla" and you put item/furniture in it, it eats it but you learn all about the item. at least u pay a price?

3-walls. i love the look, i make it around my camp but what are they for? 5 hounds show up at night, they look at the wall and go "wtf?" and goes around the entrance like LOLOLOLOLOL and my own camp walls imprison me, dead. they might be of use but again no info for it. i shouldnt have to go into dontstarvewiki dot com for this

4-movement speed: honestly... i cant play the game without doing c_speed (3), neither can my friends. otherwise like snail we are moving, the default is ruthless. not for combat but for adventuring especially

these were my main concerns, others are rather far fetched but still wanna share: 

some sort of skill system would be very nice. faster tree cutting n stuff, basic u know

some sort of karma system or relations with tribes of pigmen would be very very very nice. too much to ask the second one, i know

achievement system.... oh man, hipster gamers eat that up. like fish to worm nomnonmomo


love the game u guys are true artists from coders to designers, hugs from turkey republic

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