3v1 victory . . . sort of

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well my friends and I got don't starve together and after they spawned 3 tree guards on day 6 which killed them leaving only me alive we decided to start again only this time I challenged them to pvp  having ranked up more than 100 hours of single player I was by far the most experienced player where as one of my friends had about 6 hours and the other 2 had just bought the game. so we start the world and agree not to attack until day 4 so I go and make fire darts, log suit their 1 and 2 crafting engines, crok  pot and  everything else you need. meanwhile my buddy's are making less progress. and when I felt  I was ready to attack I ran over to there base. on my way there the my 2 noob friends got themselves killed and the last one was running away from a crawling nightmare as I'm about to kill him with my trusty fire darts but  he being the server owner bans me from the game and then proclaims victory in a sarcastic way.


well I think my first few hours playing the game were quite fun but I need to find a way to get back at my friend





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I put a spoiler up for the slightly rude words if you look and don't like what you see its your fault for looking





You deserve a big nope my friend. Other rude words will be automatically censored by asterisk.                            


Those of your friends shouldn't play with pvp on , maybe they'll just need more practice. Oh and your friend host ... no nothing.


        BTW , do you play DS before DST was released ? If not well , you learned very fast! 

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