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Condition Overlays (Hunger, Sanity, and Health)

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I believe the ability to see another's current state is a must in this game. Needing to type out what condition you are in can be an issue. Sure, there are text quotes that signify hunger and an animation for sanity, it just doesn't seem like the system is fulfilled. Plus, health isn't indicated. That is why I have devised a detailed system which would have balance. The entire system or certain parts of it can be disabled by the server. Reasoning for this later.


First off, you hold a key (Shift, Ctrl, Alt) to have an Overlay appear above/below/to the side someone based on their position on your screen (because of Overlays ending up off-screen). It would not show the number each stat is at unless you hover over the icon just like with your own Conditions (what I call them). I imagine them to look like a speech bubble/note with the background being black, but semi-transparent. The icons themselves would be solid, just like your own. Their username would appear in the overlay in text that doesn't conflict or blend too much with the background. You would have to hold down the button and hover over someone's character with your mouse for the UI of the Overlays to stay displayed. If the mouse is taken off of the player, the Overlay disappears.


The above could be improved by adding Options to it (All options with a timer allows any number within the range, like 1.5/2.2/3.9/etc etc for the 1 through 4 range, only allowing 3 digits total. In example 2.05 seconds):


Opacity of the Overlay. Some players might want a certain Opacity at all times.

Size for certain preference or to assist with resolution confliction.

Background color, variable background colors for specified character (Wilson/Willow etc etc). Background Opacity and Icon Opacity.

Persist Timer with hover and button editions. Such as, whenever you remove your mouse from someone, X amount of seconds need to pass before the Overlay disappears. This should be the same with whenever you stop holding the button, X amount of seconds need to pass before the Overlay disappears. Separate Persist Timers for Hovering and Keyholding.

Fade Timer. This would be separate from Persist Timer. After the Overlay is supposed to disappear, a fade begins, fading away within a specified time. In example, it takes 1 second for the Overlay to fully disappear from the set Opacity. This timer would be 0.1 to 4 seconds and can be combined with Persist Timer. In example, you set the Persist Timer to be 2 seconds, so once you let go of the button/stop Hovering, the Overlay will stay for that amount of time, then begin to fade.

Plus any additional options the developers might want to add.


What about being able to see Multiple Overlays? I have a solution. You hold two keys at a time. In example, hold Shift + Ctrl (could be Shift + I or Shift + P or Ctrl + O, whatever suits keyboard comfortability needs) and see everyone's Overlay that are on-screen. People outside of the screen region will not be able to have an overlay on your current screen. To fix the issue of Overlays that conflict with each other, have them oscillate priority of who is on top. This can be addressed in Options for Oscillation Timer. Oscillation Timer would be in the Multiple Overlay Specific Options. This would put the priority of an Overlay switching between ontop or under for however many seconds specified. The Timer would be given by the player 1-4 second(s) range.


Now there will probably be comments about seeing anyone's status Worldwide, so I have another system for this. It is the Status Menu. Press a button and it brings up a "menu" just like the map would. This would allow you to see people's status that are not on-screen... to an extent. This feature would need settings. Upon creation of a world, this would have a Range Option. This would be something like [Range: Any, 1 screen distance away, 5 screen distances away, 15 screen distances away.]


Any server host has the option to disable/enable the entirety or individual aspects. Such as, in a Player versus Player environment, the Status Menu could be disabled, but allowing you to see other players health if they are near. Or to disable it entirely so you have those "should I challenge him?" moments


This feature would not be available for Mobs. Seeing the health of the Creature you're fighting would ruin a good aspect of the game.


So what do you guys think? Is there any flaws with my system? What about any flaws that cannot be dealt with the way I envision it currently? Thank you for reading this far! I really hope Klei does implement this because I feel like this would be a step in the right direction for Don't Starve Together.

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