A Matchmaking Menu Addition. World Day.

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In my belief, having an option to see what day the server is on would help matchmaking. If players do not want to join a game that has progressed a bunch, they can join games that have only progressed a little. Or have it the other way around where players can join the later progressed games to jump right in the action. Of course, you can already join in either, but you are joining a new server blindly not knowing which it will be. Have the World Day be in the Server Details.


There should also be an option upon creating the World where you have the World Day Display set to Anonymous, for those people who want their server to be a surprise for newcomers. Anonymous mode for World Day would not display the total days in the Server Details.


Perhaps bump this up a notch by allowing a specified search mechanism where you only want to see worlds within a certain range of days. In example:





This would benefit players who like to join in just started servers, or maybe on the other hand, to join and assist servers that are progressed a decent amount.


What are your thoughts on this idea? Any flaws? Any flaws that cannot bet dealt with?

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