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Cant play don't starve together online at all

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I bought the dont starve pack with dont starve together on it, tried playing together with some friends, they told me i had to sign up..fair game. So i signed in on the site through my steam account as they said that was fine. Now as I try to play with them, the message that pops up after it tries to log in for about a second is as follows


"Could not connect to Klei's servers. Characters and worlds from online games will not be available. Continue and play offline?"


one question i have is, do i need to play the standard edition of Dont Starve or Dont Starve together Beta offline first?. 


additionally, whenever i try to "join game" on someone, it pops up with the "logging in" message and counts up to the first dot of the ellipsis & replays the first beat of the tune that plays, over and over and over, but never actually logging in (i have included a screenshot of it)  


thanks to anyone who gives an attempt to help me.

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