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[TO KLEI STAFF] Klei Offer - Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dear Klei Entertainment Team,


I am a big fan of your game and have been recently trying to find how to host a dedicated server for this game to play with my friends but I do not want to leave my desktop computer on 24/7/365.


Here's the twist. I work at one of the top 5 hosting providers worldwide and I am the product manager of dedicated servers. If you are interested in having a more thorough discussion about how we can help you with dedicated servers worldwide for Don't Starve Together and/or other games, please feel free to PM me and I will send you my corporate email so that we can continue discussions about hosting your awesome game. We have multiple options and I am 100% certain we could find a solution for you as we are also hosting other major players as well as indie developpers.




Jack Bauer (Not my real name but since this is a public post...)

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