New patches and save games

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Dear Klei, am very interested if you will keep the compatibility between current saved games and new upcoming patches (I know you can always start a new game from scratch, but playing with a team for a while you grow fond of them - which I believe is one of the important aspects of the game)?


I am currently on day 25th with one of my saves and since a new patch is coming shortly am eager to know if I will be able to continue playing on that save after the patch or not! Many thanks!


PS: There is a minor bug with the nano fabricator missions, even after you access both of them in a level and even do purchases from both, the missions status doesn't update and continues to tell you to find / access the nano-fabs which may be confusing for new players (it was for me!) as it may force you to spend more time in the level than you had to - higher alarm - higher chance to get busted - since you aren't sure you completed the objectives!

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