[Gameplay] - Custom world presets reset to default after logging out


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Custom world presets reset to default after logging out

Issue Description: Every time I create a server, I use a specific preset for world settings. However, every time I shut down the server, when I log back on and start the server back up, the world settings have reverted to default and it is impossible for me to set them back to my preferred presets.

Currently loaded objects and entities in the world remain unchanged, but the default settings apply to all new entities that spawn, including Krampus, Hounds, Deerclops, etc. This is especially annoying and gamebreaking when I have Beefalo set to Lots, because where a herd of Beefalo just outside my base were once harmless sources of protection and supplies, they are now a dangerous threat (due to redbutt) making gameplay all but impossible. Additionally, I had Short Seasons (and thus didn't stock up much on food because winter would be short), then when the settings reverted to Default, I no longer had sufficient food to last through the winter, and the redbutt Beefalo everywhere made it impossible for me to scavenge.

Steps to Reproduce: I would assume you only need to make your own custom settings, create a server, load in and play for maybe a day, shut down the server, and then fire it back up. If you then check World Settings, all custom settings will have reverted to Default, with the exception of World Size.

I don't know if it makes any difference, but I'm playing on a friends-only server set to 6 players in Endless mode online (not LAN).

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