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All I could say is I wish oneday it will support 2bits Unicode

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I like this game ,it's so funny.And I can find a lot of people play together.


However English is not the native language.And it still a big problem with many Chinese.


Seems devs have a lot of things to do.I should understand.


as a new modder I have tried a whole week just figure out it not support unicode.


i just think i build a house on other's home and feel terribly frustrated.


I wish oneday it will.


I have seen many Chinese buy this game just it is cheap on Steam and easy to let them Steam games +1 ,but dont want to play.


it seems in the forum u can seldomly see chinese modder .


the most problem is the language.Actually we have many MODs made by Chinese language.


yes,we can play the game in Chinese.Our hackers have already cracked DS early in last year or the year before last year(?) and used plugin module to play game in Chinese.Even the genuine users dont want to play on Steam and buy on steam but play on the cracked one. A game website set server for cracked dst, and people dont have to pay for a game made in English without translation ,because they can play it with more people and communicate easily,and explorer what is DS in Chinese.


seems like Bad money drives out good.


a DS discuss group in a social website in my country have 29,088  people(i just copy from the webpage)


Anyway ,I understand ur work have lots of things to do,and wish oneday it will support.

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I'm thinking about to implement an alternative way of text output, based on the glyph images instead of font files. It seems to be possible, but could entail some pefromance issues. It's too early to say something, I must test it first.

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