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[Character Mod] Help needet

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Good evening,


me and a friend of mine are currently trying to ad our own characters into the game. 

but like always it never is perfect after the first try, wen i go to the mod section it shows me that it isnt enabled so i go ahead and enable it after that i get a screen warning that it crashed last time and i cant click on i understand so i am forced to close the game. i dont know what i did wrong but i really would welcome it if someone could go ahead and look into the file.


i dont know if it is needet more that that but here are the i think 2 main things.



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ok nvm xD i got my problem with help of a friend but now i have some questions for scripting.

i wanted to ask if it is possible to script that


-you have lvls that lvl with eating Fish, with each lvl you get more sanity, health, and hunger. 
-you lose sanity if your alone at night (you need a friend)
-spawn with a rabbit pillow that recover sanity
-can plant flowers (Flowers/evil Flowers/Lightflowers)
-cook and collect1.5 faster than normal
-if a specific person feeds me i get more hunger full then normally
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