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10 minutes into the game (Death story)

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I had joined a server, survival with 3/6 people in the game. As soon as I spawn in, one person is a ghost and two other spawn in so naturally, we decide to band together. One of the players that spawned in as I showed the ghost a nearby touch stone, was claiming that it was his first time playing (He played as WolfGang). It seemed he didn't have much knowledge so I decided to be nice and help him out since I too had recently started playing (except I had a general knowledge on what to do).


Now it was 6/6. The two other survivors had made a base far away so we decided to make our own base and band together. Wickerbottom (Ghost I revived), Willow (One that just spawned in), WolfGang (First timer), and I (Wendy), had decided to set out for a good camping ground, but on the way, one of us decided to attack the TallBird. Now who would have done it? The librarian who rarely talks? The fire lighter who knows how to not starve? The Newbie? Or the leader of this group?


After WolfGang makes the foolish choice of attacking a TallBird (Did I mention on Day 2? So that means no equipment, and his hunger bar would have been depleted). I've been in this case before, and I'm able to outrun a TallBird, so I gave the order to run. We run and one of us was slow enough to still lure the TallBird. Then we find a pig village (and king) so I'm saying we should set base up here. The Tallbird managed to catch up with us and is currently chasing WolfGang while I'm acting calm (I may be the leader, but I'm playing as Wendy with no other free easy kills around.) and the others try to kill the TallBird.


As I talk about setting base, something terrible happens. TallBirds start appearing to help the lone TallBird out. I don't even know where they came from but a huge pile (5-7-10) appear. Keep in mind, I'm recent so I did not know that these TallBirds could communicate or call eachother for reinforcements. These TallBirds aren't aggro'd at WolfGang, but rather at anything that comes close to them. I think, "Hey, we're at the heart of the pig village, they won't give up without a fight so easily!". They aren't able to kill 1 TallBird. I probably should have escaped while I still could with the pigs being distraction, but I just had to be cocky.


Anyways, all 4 of us are getting chased by TallBirds and the sun is setting so night will be here soon. To the left of the pig village is a forest (With a dead end) so we decided to flee there for two reasons. 1) The tallbirds came from the right of the forest, so we naturally didn't want to see if there were anymore tallbirds. 2) Willow had apparently purposefully or accidentally set fire to the west of the trees (Around the entrance). Plus it was a dense forest, so trees were catching on fire quickly. I saw this as a chance to maybe slow the tallbirds/give damage to the tallbirds and told everyone to go into the woods.


We do but the TallBirds are not letting us go. It's getting to the end of dusk and as I mentioned before, the west forest is a small area of dense trees that leads to a dead end. About 5-10 TallBirds are still coming after us, I lucked out and got 1 on my tail versus Willow with (I think) 1 or 2, Librarian with 3, and WolfGang with a hearty 4. Just then, night occurs and the TallBirds get us in this order I believe. Librarian>Willow>WolfGang>Me. I managed to survive last because I had a torch on me so I was able to see where I was running too but the first two deaths happened at the same time, with WolfGang right after, and me for about 30 seconds. The two other players see all the players(and me) death announcements and talk.



Survivor with Host:"Wow"

Host:"Um, do you guys want to restart the server?"

Unison(except for me because I had to go): "Yea"


Comments: To be honest, I ended up laughing because of how bad of a train wreck we had gotten ourselves into and how utterly terrible we all died that it became laughable. 


So what have we learned?

1. TallBirds have calls that can terrorize your base if you keep them aggro'd for too long.

2. We indirectly massacred a pig village (Minus that King)

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