[General] - Minimap file is not saving


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Minimap file is not saving

Issue Description: As of late, a couple people on my server have not been able to keep their minimaps after disconnecting. I know that minimaps are saved on their computer and not on the server and that the minimap file is supposed to be created after exiting the server. Is there any command for a user to save the minimap while ingame? To ensure that the minimap is properly saved? Because those who do not retain their minimap say that no minimap file was ever created in the session folder.

Steps to Reproduce: Join game and play. Leave game.

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Having the same problem with a dedicated server I have set up. Using the mini-map mod on it, and it works is game, but when I leave and come back the map I explored is reset. Even in the regular map. Anybody got a fix?

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