Don't Starve on mobile devices.

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So, I was searching the Don't Starve Wiki one day, and then I walked over to my tablet, charging at the wall socket and I thought: Damn, Don't Starve would be cool to play on a phone or tablet.


Don't Starve's mouse-only control scheme would translate very well to a touch screen. A single tap is equal to left click, and to right click, tap and hold.

The game could be simple, i'm not asking for anything crazy or huge, just classic Don't Starve. Sure, it's your choice if you would like to make it though, but at least one of you should like the idea of playing Don't Starve on the go without bringing a laptop.


I mean, just think about it. Taking a long boring train ride? Whip out your phone and play some Don't Starve. Lets you free yourself from the hands of the constant barrage of puke that are pay-to-win games on the mobile market.


So what do you guys think? Do you support the idea or not agree?

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