[Exploit] - double click double activating abilities

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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Exploit<br />Platform: PC<br />Issue Title: double click double activating abilities<br />Issue Description: My mouse is buggy and often registers multiple clicks when I click once. This can cause things to activate multiple times that should go on cooldown after one activation. Examples that are beneficial include activating a stim multiple times and receiving bonus AP each time. Negative examples include paying multiple times to activate fusion, having a daemon activate multiple times from one hack, And having my turn skipped when clicking end turn because it ends two straight turns. I only see what happens on the second. Also, multiple copies of the incognita disabling daemon allowed me to resume hacking after the first one expired, so I could hack even though it claimed I couldn't.<br />Steps to Reproduce: Find a mouse with a similar defect to mine? If you can set the mouse to produce two distinct, rapid clicks, it should work. Then load up a game and click twice on something that should go on cooldown or become disabled after one click, such as the end turn button or the fusion ability. The clicks presumably have to be within a matter of milliseconds or possibly faster. I don't actually know how fast my mouse clicks when this happens.<br />
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