[Server Crash] - Friend goes invisible, server crash upon their exit


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Friend goes invisible, server crash upon their exit

Issue Description: This was pretty strange, I was playing on my server for a few hours with a steam friend.

He suddenly began to claim that he was "stuck". I was unsure what he meant, as English is not his primary language.

I could see that he was able to open/close the chests on the screen, but his character was not visible to me.

He attempted to fix the issue by rejoining my server, but my game also crashed as soon as he exited.

Steps to Reproduce: I was organizing inventory.... had just returned to base from a raid in the swamp with 5-6 tentacle spikes. So I was putting them into a chest.

This is around the time when my friend started asking for help, claiming to be "stuck". I would have described it as invisible though.

Sorry, not much help on this front.

It was a public server for up to 4 players, people coming and going you know...

I have provided the 3 requested files, along with a screenshot of the error I received when the server crashed.

My friend was playing as Wolfgang, in case that has anything to do with the null hunger field.

Happy New Year!


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