[Gameplay] - Collecting Monster Meat from plant bulb


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Bug Submission: <br /><br />Category: Gameplay<br />Issue Title: Collecting Monster Meat from plant bulb <br />Issue Description: I was playing with friends when i get close to these bulb plant offering a monster meat i tried to catch and the game crashed i was the host and everybody disconnected and i have returned to the menu screen, it gave me details but didn't know what to do, i closed the window and restarted the game.<br />Steps to Reproduce: I was scouting for the básic resources flint, grass, and twigs.<br /><br />I founded a pig house with a pig, i thinked i should bring a pig with me for protection and i saw this bulb plant seducing me with that monster meat exactly what i was wanting to give the pig. I manage kill the eyes plants and grab the plant But right after the sound of grabing meat the.game crashed.<br />
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