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Custom Presets - "More" & "Lots"

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Hi, my friends and I have been playing Together a lot this past week. We are currently at Day 110+, not sure, and we're kind of bored since maybe we've done everything there is to do. So I thought we would start a new world with a custom preset.


I wanted more resources for a good start but also more monsters/enemies to balance it out so I edited the preset and set most of the enemies to "Lots" to really kick it up and tested it out myself. To my surprise, I spawned in the middle of a war zone with tons of Clockworks, Tallbirds, and in-heat Beefalos killing each other, ran around and explored and still the same wherever I go. I found it funny though but has it always been like this with custom presets, even in the base game? I thought setting it to Lots will make the items occur more in their respective biomes, but instead they're littered everywhere. 


I then tried to set it to "More" and tested it. It was more bearable than before but I still find it weird to see the Clockworks sleeping on the Grasslands with Tallbirds instead of on their own biomes. If it has always been like this then I guess I'm fine with it, but I hope they fix it up a bit. 

Here's the "Lots" situation, I found this incredibly funny because wherever I go there were mobs fighting :-)

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Yeah, thats pretty normal

I once set up a Single Player game with all mobs set to Lots, it was pretty awesome, ran around for half a day until I found a single meadow with nothing spawned in it, that became my base, I then cheated death many times while foraging the war torn battlegrounds, using Rooks to break things down for me, It was great until a Giant Bird thing spawned...In my grassy safe spot...

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